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Ruth: The Romance of Redemption Series

By Diana Hagee

The Book of Ruth is written as a love story in a language of love and grace. It is about a Gentile girl who marries an Israelite man. Although the Book of Ruth never mentions the word "love", everything in its pages confirms the love between a woman and her God, a woman and her mother-in-law and a woman and a man.

In this series, Diana Hagee delves into the complex world of Ruth, as she winds us through the lives of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz. Diana helps us to understand the power of love, redemption and the Redeemer. In this five-part teaching learn Bible principles that can be applied to your every day living when dealing with subjects such as:

  • The Blessing of the Marriage Sacrament
  • The Holiness of Marital Love
  • Sanctity of the Home
  • The Importance of Our Sacred Vows of Loyalty
  • The Road to Repentance
  • God's Sovereignty
  • Love of Jesus and His Bride

The Book of Ruth is also a tribute to Samuel, the writer, and his efforts towards redemption and amends with David.

Diana Hagee takes you on a journey along the path of redemption.