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Ruth: The Romance of Redemption

By Diana Hagee

The book of Ruth is a story of tragedy that leads to triumph: a story of loneliness exchanged for romance: a story of heartache that explodes into rejoicing. It is a love story and above all it is a story of hopelessness transformed by redemption.

Ruth: The Romance of Redemption- A Love Story offers a glimpse into the greatest love story of all - the story of God's love for His redeemed. Diana Hagee takes you on an insightful journey through the book of Ruth, weaving story and commentary into a unique book that speaks directly to the heart.

The issues Ruth and Naomi dealt with in ancient times are the same issues contemporary women face: friendship, devotion, reconciliation, childlessness, hopelessness, poverty, loneliness, faith, commitment, romance and love. Eighteen sections weave dramatic vignettes from the book of Ruth together with an in-depth Bible study, offering a rich mix of historical and cultural insight from both Christian and Jewish sources along with practical wisdom you can apply to your life today.

Exploring the promise and romance of redemption for each woman and for all humanity, Diana guides you through an exciting and life-changing voyage as you grow to a new dimension and begin to receive all that your Father has for you. You are about to take a journey into an incredible tale of two women and their Redeemer- a journey that will change your life forever.