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Hannah's Song Study Guide DVD's

By Diana Hagee


The purpose of this study is fourfold. It is intended to:

  • Help lay a foundation of Bible knowledge;
  • Offer the opportunity to search the Word for answers to everyday life;
  • Provide insight into the meaning of the Scriptures; and
  • Equip the reader to live the victorious, committed life of a believer.

Hannah, who was barren for many years, endured heartache, frustration, and a deep feeling of inadequacy in a culture that honored motherhood. Still, Hannah was a woman of patience, perseverance, and courage who chose to pray at the doorpost of the tabernacle of the Lord. Hannah cried out to God with absolute faith that He would hear her petition and answer it.

Hannah’s story was memorialized to emphasize the power of prayer, faith, and praise. While the people demanded a king, Hannah cried out to God for a son, and it was God’s Divine plan to establish the throne of Israel on a woman’s prayer.


  • Sanctified - The Beauty of Holiness (1 Samuel 1:1-5)


  • Sorrow - My Sadness for His Joy (1 Samuel 1:6-9a, 14-16)
  • Supplication - Our Silent Cry (1 Samuel 1:9b-13, 17-18)


  • Sacrifice - Absolute Submission (1 Samuel 1:19-24)
  • The Song - The Power of Praise (1 Samuel 2:1-10)


  • Supernatural Favor - Abiding in His Blessings (1 Samuel 2:11, 18-26)
  • Significant - Destined for Greatness (1 Samuel 3:1-4, 10, 19-21; 16:13)